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The fishing did slow down a bit for a few days, but is starting to show signs of picking back up again. The trick is finding where they are at. The Jetty is still the hot spot, but once you get into the bay you need to find them. Down by the Green line has been really good the last couple of day's. The bay in Wheeler was great for the few day's before that. The area up in Nehalem has not been producing for the last couple of weeks, but that could change in a blink of an eye. So the good news is that the fish are still here. We still have not caught our quota of Coho, so the season for Coho is still open. Warm weather is predicted for the next couple of weeks so we will have to see how that plays in...


Alright, the fishing is still good and its the start of the Wild Coho season..... That means we get to keep a wild coho along with a hatchery coho or chinook.. A combination of any two, but only one wild coho. After 700 are caught the season is over. As for the Chinook its still hot at the jetty and still good in the bay's.




2 wild chinook per day and 10 for the season. Season to run from July 1st to December 31st.

1 wild Coho per day and 1 for the season. Season to run from September 15th until a quota of 1,200 fish have been harvested.

So come on down and lets get this season going and get your picture up on our site....

Good luck and let us know how you do. 503-368-5858
For the latest info call Jim at 503-368-5780 and he can give you the day to day statistics.