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No change in with the status of the fishing, still just fantastic. Lots of Native coho being taken. We are allowed one for the season per tag until we reach 1000 fish. I don't anticipate it lasting much longer. So if you want to catch a native coho you better do it quick, and are they big this year. Lots of them into the 20 pound range. Chinook are also still being taken in the bay, but we still have to add the little note that says its a lot better fishing at the jetty.


  Sorry about not posting for a while. Things have been kind of crazy. The fishing is nothing but exceptionable, and as usual the jetty is producing most of the fish along with most of the big fish coming in. The bay is producing lots of Hatchery Coho along with the Chinook. Can't say much more its just fantastic fishing. Some still hitting 30lbs. Thanks


So come on down and lets get this season going and get your picture up on our site....

Good luck and let us know how you do. 503-368-5858
For the latest info call Jim at 503-368-5780 and he can give you the day to day statistics.