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Coho salmon are an endangered species of salmon found in Nehalem Bay. In fact, most places don't allow you to keep Coho salmon anymore, but Nehalem Bay does. The hatchery near the Nehalem River raises Coho salmon that are allowed to be caught, however the wild ones must be thrown back. Adult Cohos have blue-green heads and backs, dark bellies, and dark spots along the back. Cohos average about 28 inches in length and range from 7 to 11 pounds but can be found up to 36 pounds.

Steelhead trout are another species you will find large amounts of in Nehalem Bay. They average from around 8 to 11 pounds but have been found up to 40. They are mostly present from November to March, and they reach their highest numbers during January and February. You will find them closer to the ocean around winter time, giving you a great excuse to go to the beach as well.

Sturgeon, also known as beluga, are also native to Nehalem Bay. They are commonly found anywhere from 3 to 7 feet in length and can grow up to 18 feet. They are mostly found in river deltas and estuaries. They have no scales and are generally white or gray in color. Several species of Sturgeon are used for making caviar, a luxury delecacy.

Cutthroat trout are found in various colors. They generally have gold, green, or gray backs with red, pink, or orange jaws. There are several populations, so the sizes have a wide range from 6 to 20 inches. They are found up to 5 pounds in the Nehalem river.

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