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The Nehalem Bay, located on the Oregon coast, is a wonderful spot for a fishing vacation! The bay is full of Chinook salmon, Steelhead trout, and Sturgeon just waiting to be caught. The surrounding rivers and estuaries are also great places to find fish. In fact, the north fork of the Nehalem River is one of the only places left where people are permitted to catch the endangered Coho Salmon. Wild Coho must be released, but Coho raised in the hatchery are allowed to be caught and kept. Fishing for Hatchery Coho is only allowed on the lower river and north fork of the Nehalem. The Nehalem River is also one of the few places with a run of summer Chinook.
Check out the links to the right for great places to stay and rent motor boats and kayaks for the most amazing fishing vacation you’ll ever experience! Crab lovers should also check out Nehalem Bay Crabbing to find out all about crabbing in Nehalem Bay. Anyone age 14 or older needs a fishing license before they can fish. You can find information on how to obtain one at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are also available for sale at the Wheeler Marina. Lets not forget about our resident guide Russ Marrow; you can reach him at fishwithruss.com

Check out Wheeler on the Bay and Wheeler Marina.